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what the buddha

never taught


Songs from the musical

What The Buddha Never Taught

    Act 1

    1. What The Buddha Never Taught

    2. Five Simple Rules

    3. Ants and Spiders

    4. Tim and Jim Begin

    5. Marshmallows (What's the Spirit?)

    6. Behind the Cisterns

    7. The Ghosts of Wat Miwahrichat

    8. Make Your Heart

    9. Satya's Song


                           10. Bardo


    Act 2

    11. Tim and Jim Begin Again

    12. Blowing in the Mind

    13. The Secret

    14. Walking on Water

    15. Meditation Deja-vu

    16. Thus Have I Heard

    17. Cheap Guitar

    18. Identity Theft

    19. Act of Truth

    20. What the Buddha Never Taught (Reprise)

    21. The Buddha Song


    22. WTBNT Overture

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