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About the Buddha and Buddhism

The Buddha was born in the town of Lumbini, presently situated in the country of Nepal, at the northern edge of the Gangetic plain of modern-day India. His birth occurred some time between 600 and 400 BCE--we don't know the exact date. We do, however, know a fair bit about the life of this amazing teacher, who travelled and taught for 45 years until, at the age of 80, he is said to have passed into final nirvāṇa. Following his death, his teachings survived - memorized, guarded, and carried forward by the community of monks and nuns that had grown up around him.

Over the centuries the teachings of the Buddha have taken root in many lands, spreading throughout Asia on multiple trajectories and timelines. Eventually they travelled westward to Europe and North America, where they appealed to new adherents who found in them a way of peace, self-knowledge, and freedom.

   May this play benefit all whose paths lead to its 
encounter, may      it soften the edges of our lives with laughter and good will,        kindling our inherent capacity for wisdom and kindness. May it        bring a little light and levity into the darkness of our days,

   and aid us in the creation of a better world. 


May all beings be happy!

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